Zhongshan double macro photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is a professional research and development, production and sales of the laser photoelectric products company. Double macro photoelectric company mainly provide semiconductor laser products, laser module, laser lens and laser related all kinds of device. [Detailed]

Product advantage

Precision precision, perfection

Provide professional laser double macro electronic design,

Company has a professional optical, electronic, engineers responsible for product research and development design!

Focus on laser 14 years trustworthy!

Industry status

Industry benchmark, absolute leader

SProvide minimum the most stable laser products,

Green diameter 8 mm, red 4 mm, can be applied to the smaller product design,

Product can be imported glass aspherical lens production, form a more perfect and stable, light products comply with the rules and the rules。

R & D technology

Advanced technology, first-class equipment

Supply professional semiconductor laser focus lens camera,

Complete coverage of high school low-end products, suitable for all kinds of form a complete set of laser,

Wave lens has a word, a word column mirror, cross mirror, ground glass, all kinds of acrylic and glass focus lens。

Team advantage

Dynamic team, rapid response

Products are sold both at home and abroad, to provide customers a variety of laser application solutions,

Our products applied to the instrument detection, PM2.5 tests, intelligent robot; Medical instruments; Photoelectric switch; Laser CS; Night vision fill light; Aimed at instructions, etc。

Good service, quality first
Q Laser system classification
A Laser system can be divided into continuous wave laser and pulse laser.[Detailed]
Q Principle of laser
A Interaction of light with matter, microscopic particles of which matter is essentially composed of photons, or absorb ra.[Detailed]
Red 650 nm semiconductor laser dot laser module 10 mw

Product specification (can be customized according to customers requirement)Size: phi 6 x 18 mm; Phi 8 x 17 mmMaterial: copper or aluminumSurface oxidation surface treatment/color: grey/black fog treatment (esd)Service life: continuous output, continuous service life 5000 hoursT. [Detailed]

850 nm laser dot infrared laser module

Our company supply the laser series are: red light (635 nm, 650 nm, 635 nm), green (532 nm), blue light (405 nm), infrared (780 nm, 808 nm, 850 nm, 980 nm), etc.; Product size (diameter 4 mm to 20 mm), power (1 mw ~ 200 mw), light class shape (dot, line play a word, a graticule, . [Detailed]

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